Introducing you our Marissa earrings.

material: stainless steel, fresh water pearls & clear quartz (please note that fresh water pearls and natural stones are natural and the color, form and size may vary)
hoop inner diameter: 2 cm
color: gold

Earrings are sold in pairs.  

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is the most iconic of the quartz family. Quartz properties like amplification and programmability, are essential to manifesting intentions. To program the quartz with your intentions, hold it in the palm of your hand, and focus on what you want to transfer into the crystal. The crystal’s memory will download your intentions, and help to manifest those goals through its ability to amplify in the same way it does in technological devices. However, quartz healing properties will amplify any energy surrounding or being put into it, so making sure to occasionally cleanse the stone is important in order to maintain a positive energy.

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